In a mediation, the role of the mediator will be to act as a neutral between two or more parties to a dispute.  The mediator is not a judge, and will not determine who is right. Instead, the role of the mediator it to help the parties craft a solution that is mutually acceptable.  To do so, in most mediations, the parties will be in separate rooms, and the mediator will spend time going back

In order to be maximally effective, parties to a mediation should spend ample time preparing for the mediation.  This means the following: Determining the bottom line.   For most disputes, such as those involving money, there will be a bottom line in terms of how little is acceptable to receive, or how much is acceptable to pay.  Don’t wait until the mediation to have this conversation.  The bottom line for the amount you are willing to

Are you (or your clients) involved in business litigation? In many cases, the best course of action will be to identify the issues and facts, and then to use mediation in an attempt to resolve the business matter before costs get unjustifiably out of hand. Our attorneys have years of experience in representing clients in business disputes and in mediation, as well as conducting mediations.  We bring this collective experience to business mediations in helping

Mediation is a process whereby a third party – called the “mediator” or “neutral”- works with opposing parties in a dispute or litigation to try to help the parties resolve their matter prior to trial.  The mediator is not a judge, and does not have any authority to render a judgment with respect to the outcome or dispute. The Advantages of Mediation The advantages of mediation include: Faster possible resolution.  Often, it can take a

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